Three Dog Night Joy To The World Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog Pop Punk cover song rearranged by Punk Cover Moose | suiled
A Pop Punk cover performed by Punk Cover Moose of Joy To The World also known as Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog originally by Three Dog NIght (1970)I tried looking for the best cover songs and the best cover to do but didnt come across a lot of people covering Joy To The World (Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog) by Three Dog Night. Let alone anyone doing a pop punk cover or punk cover of it. I hope you enjoy version of Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog!Official Kickstarter: to another Pop Punk cover by Punk Cover Moose!Subscribe: free: http://www.punkcovermoose.comBuy this on iTunes: was a bullfrogWas a good friend of mineI never understood a single word he saidBut I helped him a-drink his wineAnd he always had some mighty fine wineSinginJoy to the worldAll the boys and girls nowJoy to the fishes in the deep blue seaJoy to you and meWant more than a Pop Punk cover by Punk Cover Moose?Facebook - - @punkcovermoose


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