How to choose a presenter for the wedding? A media person or just a good professional? In this video (and also in the article on the site) I will tell you whether it is worth paying attention to the popularity of the presenter you want to invite to your wedding. Famous showman, TV and radio presenter, singer and actor, kvshchik and standupper - do all these statuses give an advantage in the profession?We will talk today about how you and I perceive this media and media leaders at all. We will figure out the question of how this affects the fees of a specialist, and also about whether this media influence in general affects the professional level.After watching the video, you will be sufficiently informed on these issues and will be able to decide for yourself what you need. Do you need some element of media or do you need professionalism? Very often these moments do not touch each other at all. In order to choose a presenter for the wedding and determine whether a good professional is really there, there are a number of criteria and algorithms that I talk about in my other videos and articles.For more details, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VS3243y_Hchttps://www.orlovroman.ru/blog/kak-vibrat-vedushchego-na-svadbu-litso-s-obloshki


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